Anonymous asked:

Hey, Dean? You seem busy with your First Blade and demon parties. I can keep Cas company while you're gone if you like. ;)

tikistitch answered:

Dean: That’s right, I’m DEMON PARTY DEAN now!

Dean: Got my FIRST BLADE, an’ my PIE, an’ my BABY, an’ I don’t need no one!  ‘Specially not any stick in the mud ANGELS!

Cas: Hello Dean.

Dean: Oh, uh, hey Cas.

Cas: That is impressive headgear, Dean.

Dean: Oh, uh, thanks.

Cas: At any rate, I’m off for STARIN’ with INCHOATE D’SIRE for a bit.  Yep.  Sure would be nice to have something to STARE at, like some nice DUCK LIPS.  But I s’pose you’re busy with your DEMON PARTYIN’.

Dean: Wait, Cas, no, hey!  I’ve got DUCK LIPS!  An’ INCHOATE D’SIRE….

Sam: *tsk*  Look at this, glitter everywhere, an’ pie.  I sure wish they’d clean up after their DEMON PARTIES.  And hey….

Sam: Dagnabbit, Dean, you gotta pick up your FIRST BLADE.  Someone might get POKED!